Refund & Race Policies

What to expect from Goose

Goose AR is run by 5 dedicated race directors that strive to provide the best grassroots trail and snowshoe races in the area. As much as we wish this could be our full-time job, Goose AR is a side project that takes a good deal of time, energy, and money. To ensure that we are able to continue producing awesome races, we have established a set of consistent policies for all of our races. Unless otherwise stated, the following will hold true for all of our 2018 races and beyond.

Refunds and Withdrawals

Plans change, so Goose Adventure Racing will provide withdrawal refunds on the following schedule;

Anytime between the start of registration and three weeks prior to race day – 50% refund

- With less than 3 weeks to race day - No refunds.

NOTE: Refunds will only be for the race entrance fee; refunds will not include the Ultra Signup administration fee.
Rationale: Schwag, insurance, food, etc. are purchased weeks to months in advance of race day.

Bib Transfers

Bib transfers are not allowed.

Part of the registration process for our races involves reaging and agreeing to our race waivier. Bib transfers often leave Race directors with incomplete contact information and no signed waivier. As long as a race is not sold-out, you will usually have time to register up until 3 days prior to race day. Any bib transfer requests on the day of a race will be denied. Day of registration may be available at some races.


We do not have waitlists for our races. If you don't make it into a race, We'll be here next year for you. There are many other great races in the area to sign up for! Additionally, many of our races are capped due to restrictions in our permits. We will not put more people on the trails than our permits allow.

I.O.F.R.W.C.D.W.W.W Policy

"It's Our Flippin' Race, We Can Do What We Want". If you have run the Muddy Sneaker 18 times, you get to enter without having to adhere to our obscure registration shenanigans. Is this fair to everyone else trying to register at 19:19 on 2/19? Not really, but we think you earned a perk, and it's our race, so we do what we want.


We do not give deferals for future races.