About Goose AR - Then

Young Geese
In 1999, two guys returned from a trail race in Michigan, excited with the prospects of bringing an organic and adventureous style of trail racing to Western NY. Mort Nace and Tim Ratowski set out to design a gnarly trail race that would feature stream crossings, constant climbs and descents, and a final push up the rim of Conklin Gully that would challenge even the strongest runners. The race would be staged out of a giant surplus canvas tent and there would be a chicken. The idea was nonsense, yet people showed up.

About Goose AR - Today

New Geese

Today, people wake up at unappealing hours to register for an opportunity to run "The Sneaker". The tents have been updated, the chicken suit has been passed from child to child, Mort and Tim have been joined by new race directors, and Goose offers more races than before, but little else has changed. Goose Adventure Racing sticks to the motto "Roads are Poison". We create experiences that get athletes and enthusiasts outdoors, outside of conventional racing opportunities, and outside their comfort zone. Goose prioritizes sustainable trail use and community building. We strive to keep prices low while providing an amazing experience for all, whether you are breaking course records or crossing the line as the last finisher.

In addition to trail races, Goose Adventure Racing brought snowshoe racing to the Rochester running community. We're not done yet. There's always something new in the works to provide some adventure in your life...

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